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Independent author Frederic Dalton mixes thriller, mystery and fantasy genres in first book

Brussels, Belgium, 02 July 2020 - New author Frederic Dalton has released his first work of fiction entitled "The Scarlet Crown" today.  Available as a paperback or Kindle format via Amazon, the Belgian based independent author introduced his first major English-language work to the global market.

Counting 334 pages, the book was formally announced through an online "movie style" preview video. It is the author's first venture into the world of fiction and delivers an eclectic mix of thriller, mystery and fantasy genres into one work. The Scarlet Crown tells the story of a unique item which was forged for an ancient god and, if ever found, could unbalance world order forever. The story is based in England and primarily plays out in the streets of London.

The book targets Millennials, Generation X and Generation Y readers globally and combines historical fact, real locations with a good dose of fiction to deliver a tense, rooted storyline designed to appeal to a wide audience. The book was written in multiple countries including  the author’s home base in Belgium, but also in Malta, Norway, England, the UAE and the US. His trips to Malta have inspired a second book, planned for release in early 2021.

Synopsis: The Scarlet Crown

Tales of all-powerful gods which once ruled over heaven and earth have long faded into legend.  When they disappeared, they left behind a weapon so powerful that it could unbalance world order forever.

Mild-mannered John Grey finds himself at the center of a modern-day conspiracy. His attempt to save an elderly lady from attack unexpectedly confronts him with his past, and the unlikely hero finds himself trying to keep the world's most powerful weapon, a simple scarlet crown, out of the hands of man.

When his only lead to the crown's location is killed, John, aided by an ancient order called The Golden Dawn, is forced to follow a series of markers in a bid to retrieve it. But he's not alone and quickly discovers that MI6 and a seven-hundred-year-old terrorist faction, hell-bent on world domination, are on his tail. The race to save the world from total destruction is on. Because if one nation or group ever had access to magic, they would dominate us all.

Frederic Dalton

Dalton is a 45-year old Belgian citizen who lives near Brussels in Belgium. He has lived in countries as diverse as Japan, Kenya, Indonesia and the UK. His first work is the result of a life-long ambition to publish multiple works of fiction, driven by a drive to share his creativity with others. Dalton is an avid traveler, having visited an estimated 70 countries worldwide to date and has used these as the baseline for his inspiration.

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